Captains of the Clouds


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    Emily Foster: Hey! What brought you back?
    Brian MacLean: A whim.
    Emily Foster: Well you can keep on going.
    Brian MacLean: Oh you don't know me. I have a whim of iron!
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    Francis Patrick 'Tiny' Murphy: You know MacLean?
    Scrounger Harris: Yeah, I've met him, but I don't like him.
    Blimp Lebec: You don't like him? You should know how I don't like him!
    Brian MacLean: And why do you say that? You know, I've always been very happy to see you. Look at Tiny. He never used to like me. Now he hates me.
    Brian MacLean: Willie!
    Willie: Hello! Happy landings!
    Francis Patrick 'Tiny' Murphy [to Blimp and Scrounger]: Oh, come on and sit down. Come on, come on here.
    Francis Patrick 'Tiny' Murphy: Listen, Willie, we want four black coffees and some cake.
    Scrounger Harris [to Willie]: Make mine tea and charge it!