1. 1
    Jake Gray: Wake me up from this nightmare... please.
  2. 1
    Ivan Reisz: Imagine if Hitler had the internet.
  3. 1
    Jake Gray: So much for cuddling
    Dakota: Well Jake, you got what you wanted and I get to keep playing the pathway.
    Jake Gray: You just made love to me because the pathway told you to?
    Dakota: No Jake I fucked you because the pathway told me to.
  4. 1
    Conrad Dean: What year were you born?
    Jake Gray: Same as you, dumb-ass.
  5. 1
    Jake Gray: What're you tryin' to tell me dad? You tryin' to blame me for the way mom is, for the accident? You're wanna blame me for that now? The day after my best friend kills himself, you're gonna blame me for that?
    Paul Kilton: It's not very much, though, Jake.
    Jake Gray: You know the day I need you the most, the day I need help, the day I need my father... you do this? Shame on you.
  6. 1
    Jake Gray: My God, they think I killed them? The Devil couldn't kill her child, so this is how she makes me pay for wanting to be human.