The Bedford Incident


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    Captain Finlander: He didn't surface during the night, he couldn't, we must've been directly over him. So he's out of breathing air. Staying down, he couldn't charge his batteries, so he can't run. And there he is. So you see, Commodore, we've accomplished the most important step. We've made him desperate.
    Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke, Deutsche Marine: He's certainly desperate. That is the danger. You are dealing with a desperate force.
    Captain Finlander: And we're a determined force.
    Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke, Deutsche Marine: YOU are in the power here, Eric. It is not a force, it is just you.
    Captain Finlander: Uh, you mean you're trying to say that, uh, you consider ME desperate.
    Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke, Deutsche Marine: No, Captain. To be frank, I consider you frightening.
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    Commodore Schrepke: This is insane!
    Captain Finlander: Now don't worry, Commodore. The Bedford'll never fire first. But if he fires one, I'll fire one.
    Ensign Ralston [launching the rocket]: Fire One!
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    Ben Munceford: I've heard a lot about you, Commodore, but I never expected I'd meet you.
    Commodore Schrepke: Is that so?
    Ben Munceford: Not aboard an American destroyer.
    Commodore Schrepke: (Is) that so surprising in these times?
    Ben Munceford: I guess not, if one can make the switch mentally. But I, uh... I still connect you with... Hitler's navy.
    Commodore Schrepke: Your pardon: Admiral DΓΆnitz's navy, sir.
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    Captain Finlander: Trouble with that kid, he can't forget what a big hero he was. Star quarterback... voted Most All-Around, Most Likely, Most Popular... that one he's still bucking for. The only way to cut him down to size is to keep on him.
    Commander Allison: Yeah, if he survives.
    Captain Finlander: Well, I hammer too hard, you let me know.
    Commander Allison: I'll try.
    Captain Finlander: Yeah, it's a lot of work being a mean bastard.
    Commander Allison: Hmm. Sometimes I can't help admiring how effortlessly you do it, captain. Almost as if it came naturally.
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    Commodore Schrepke: That permission specifically said "if the sub is still in territorial waters", is that not so?
    Captain Finlander: A matter of interpretation, Commodore.
    Commodore Schrepke: But the Russian is in international waters. The ocean is free, my captain.
    Captain Finlander: Yeah, so it is.
    Commodore Schrepke: So you have lost your opportunity. It was magnificent -
    Captain Finlander: Look, if I catch a man robbing my house and he makes a break for the street, do I let him go just because he made it to the sidewalk?
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    Captain Finlander: It's been my experience with the press that they ignore truth for sensationalism.