• To enter: just submit a oneliner! You don't need an account to participate, but you need one to be in the running for that sweet sweet prize money. And you gotta be 18. If we find out you're not, we'll... do something. And it'll be drastic, word?
  • How long a competition lasts: about two months, give or take
  • To vote: just... do it, there's nothing to it
  • What you win: a $20 Amazon giftcard. 💰. And the glory of the having your oneliner front and center on the archive page.
  • To be eligible for the prize: submit a oneliner as a registered user!
  • Who Wins: whoever gets the most votes. The prize will go to the highest voted registered user, but the archive will just display the highest voted oneliner. If there's a tie, we'll split the prize between the winners.
  • To get your prize: Keep an eye on that email, because that's where we'll send the dollars.

Keep your oneliners reasonably appropriate, and don't be offensive. We'd rather not buzzkill, but we maintain the right to remove any oneliner that's in poor taste. So be reasonable! And then there's no problem!